Friday, 9 October 2009

of PakTor,ICAL and Lil Miss Octo


Yesterday, finally went paktor and watched surrogate..

it was not bad, with the ever classic ‘all-down-at-once’ scene when Greer decided to burn all the surrogates after insulation to the real human =D

i asked the BF and luckily the BF disagreed to the surrogates ideas =D except the war-game-game-war part. (as if he is not into the fighting games =_= )

we hunted down some items and went grab some snacks when he pointed at the cleaning sheets and asked my opinions, said he’d buy for me once we’re back in KL if i like the idea of it.

he said JW bought it for her mum so he thought of buying it for me too.

i said  i know there was such products =_= just that i didnt choose those coz its a sum when you have to buy sheets regularly. but then it is not that expensive…but abit not enviromental =S


i thought i controlled myself to let my BF to care for his own BFF and i shouldnt worry too much, plus letting some friend-time for them alone.

but i cant bear it and my itchy hands nudged her at night when i saw her signed in and asked how she was..*sigh* old self… used to it =_= acceptance and patience,vv…..

(guess im becoming a self-control freak, wtf..=.=)

anyway,  as soon as i posted my status on the date with rene’s, nini asked me to bring weapon while crashing ICAL’s (=irene chen ai ling) place XD

hah! it so happened that we both woke up late (translated as way pass morning,means almost noon =.=  )

so i been there, and had the long chat on ‘those were the times’..and bla bla…..


and while on the way back, dropped by my ‘foster’ home and had some curry,vege+soup+ rice    =p

and while i was in yy’s room, i saw this:


gargh!! i want it!! > _ < summore its PINK!! woohoohoo   > o <  

cant resist to take some pictures before returning it to her owner =_= huhu…..



Picture(6) Picture(7) Picture(8)  Picture(15) 


i want lil miss octo  =*(


see?so cute!! >  .   <


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