Saturday, 10 October 2009


just some old crap..and some random pictures..

im lazy to photoshop so yea,my face not groomed.. =_=



On the way back home after raya open house..

 Picture(17) Picture(18)


yea about this,

if you happened to come across our car,i think you wont even dare to touch this..heh..see the Navy tag hanged at the mirror?and the Badan Pencegah Jenayah sticker? as well as the Angkatan Tentera Malaysia sticker?

dont play play ah! XD…..



okay okay,im just joking and crap along..


and below are some pictures i snapped without their notice:

lame gang’s life:






one side is seriously discussing the theories, one side busy bidding at the =_= during study period.

Picture(2) Picture(9)


got punished for….forgot what =.= they stick the cellophane tape to the mouth…hahaha…

Picture(10) Picture(11)




Picture(12) Picture(13)



p/s: please dont kill me for posting these craps! =p

p/p/s: those were nice chicken wings last night, *someone* !

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