Wednesday, 7 October 2009


was having not-so-nice ice cream  while browsing shih yuin’s FB out of boredom. she was performing in quite a number of act and i can see she rushed to the performance after work since she was wearing her nurse uniform while doing the makeup.

the title: yi qian..those were the time..

it struck me when i saw her photos.

you know, those were the times.

those were the times, when each festive season/event,we’ll have gathering no matter what. and the kids will even perform in front of just these few families. talk about spreading cultures and community spirit.

those were the times, when we will even have singing session along with the piano in this land of deprivation for culture. (dont know who said that, whatever stats in reading and other cultures.)

those were the times, when i will tag along and do the makeup cum stylist for the singing performance, lead by your mum, who was also my mentor.

those were the times, when we roam around the back stage, enjoying the rush of performer’s spirit.

those were the times, when what we performed could earn weird stares from people because it was too artistic or scholarly and scarce .

those were the times…..

how i miss that…..

*dedicated to my community families, especially my ‘siblings’.

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