Tuesday, 6 October 2009


the prayers answered!! i’m a happy girl ^v^ kakaka…

actually worried about the check up problems (i dont mind dying but i mind suffering *choi*)

so anyway, the nurse was very friendly and after she knew what i was facing (missed appointment is very serious okay) and i explained to her the reason and all behind that, she looked at me and say:

hmm(frowned, like you-poor-little-girl-why-so-stupid kinda look) , okay i tell you what, you go to KL hospital,just go in straight to outpatient and start from there, they will write letter to us for the history, no worry. (very patiently okay)

FYI, yours truly has dragged this for too long even i myself was too embarrassed to write it out here.

so YES, its settled,i’ll go back to KL and settle it asap.


=_= *ahem*

and the teacher-application check-up is a minor one (or so) so no worries.

anyhow, i boarded the so-longed ‘omnibus’ (define omnibus) and was happily going home.

and then, i felt my back was sort of jerked,electrified or some kinda …..massaged!! =D

for an RM1.50 15min trip home i also get a FREE back-butt-and-hip massage!! LOL!!

it was actually those kind of super-duper old buses and you know how bumpy they can get. so as the engine cough out rudely you can feel the seat vibrating (okay that sounds so wrong man) XD like a massage chair! i was like: OMGWTFBBQCHICKENPIE =O

i reached safely and took the stroll home in the nice after-rain weather.



NOW , i have two problems to solve.

1. dandruff. (head&shoulders!! please!! ~!@#$%^&*()_+  )


2.the filial daughter’s job to finish dad’s writing tasks in work, after taking over mum’s tuition job. =_=

*speechless but contented?*

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