Thursday, 27 August 2009

*ahem ahem*


i just got this mail (yea, out of my boring  life with an old car to maintain).


i cleared my throat *excuse me* so loudly,

he said: what??

i said: nah!

now you cant deny already lah?


i was so so proud…..he belittled me on winning such invitation, he said if i won he will accompany me and go no matter how far, plus that was his type of movie…..=_=

plus! its my bday! =D


o yea, i decided to spend the special day with him =( 

okok maybe not that certain yet? hm?i might drop by??


sayang my dear classmates…..=(


*BY the way, i made him to buy something as my bday present…..ahahah…..


thanks nuffnang! =)

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