Friday, 28 August 2009


woke up early , only to find the rain is pouring like nobody’s business =_=

so i chose to sleep back and woke up again at 7+

it was still raining….. ~!@#$%^&*

my housemate missed class too coz he cant walk out, i wanted to ask him to take the car and we go out together but its too late for his class. *sigh* wait then.

around 9, i heard the guys preparing, i peeped and there we go, decided to go out together with my rusty old car.

had vegetarian breakfast before loading the vouchers to my pendrive to print it out. *glee* =D that later.

1st stop, campus to meet Ms Yoges, only to find her on leave =_=


next stop, Central to reload and recharge my electrolite =.=

i scared i will faint.

went out of Avenue K 1st to go Public Bank to ask something.

i continue to KLCC, which is also the main main main main main purpose of today’s trip. =D

ok, DKNY’s sample out of stock ~!@#$%^&*

Estee Lauder’s as well. ~!@#$%^&*

FINE. its not like my hubby wont get allergic to scents or i super super need the night repair cream.

BUT. Anna Sui is ON!! =D

*blink blink wink wink*

i got 1 liquid foundation+primer and 1 face cake+primer, its the latest Moisture Rich Base Makeup series.IMG_0184

Thanks IreneH!! =D muacks!!




yes im wearing my spect, anything wrong?

hahah! geeky me then went to the annual book fair.


we were required to check our temperature before entering (only the convention centre compound, why huh? =_= )

then given a sticker to confirm we’re clear =.=



i straightaway purchased the entrance booklet+wrist band. RM2

as soon as i entered, i faced dilemma. =( fiction or non-fiction?

fiction is..FICTION, stories read and ditched, usually.

non-fiction is..BORING, but inspiring and if its good you will definitely read again and again.




Tada!! 3 books of women psyhcological growth, which i seriously think will help me =.=’’’’’ coz its really inspiring as i read the table of contents, like, i will definitely want to know.



yea, and a book as an anniversary gift for him. a book for future =p




and came home to a tired feet =(  and broken purse…..











work on the news til now. 0.O



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Irene said...

haha..have u tried the foundation?