Monday, 13 July 2009

The Proudest Moment

Indeed it is the proudest moment for my parents and grandparents, as well as us.Congrats.IMG_0075 IMG_0073

i rushed to ktm at 12pm on friday, just to meet another brake down of KTM Komuter =_= which made a few of us missed the 1pm train at KL Central. So , the few of us took the cab together and rushed to Pudu , lucky to get the last three tickets..

i was super poor as my card was jammed into the stupid ATM two days before, plus my phone is not in the best state x_x *big sigh*

so after fetching darling bee and  all the cleaning up and preparation (as well as yummy homemade curry^^), met up with yun yi and went sleep.

Morning that day, woke up at freaking 3.30am and make up and all @@

was floating in the car and finally reached Lumut for breakfast at 6+am.


we went in KDSI I after that to park and take a shuttle bus to the ceremonial ground.

IMG_0008 IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0013 IMG_0014 IMG_0017 IMG_0022 IMG_0023  

there were Istiadat Perbarisan DiRaja where the King inspect(izit?) the lines,

 IMG_0055IMG_0056 IMG_0059IMG_0057 

followed by the Pengurniaan Watikah Tauliah (graduation cert thingy) in BlueRooms (we were not allowed to go in) IMG_0069

we ate a lil in the Gun Hut and then proceed to the BlueRooms to meet up with my parents.IMG_0070 

as they go to the special area for Santapan Diraja we went to eat and wait at KDSI I the college.


FINALLY when all ends we went to hotel to rest before they continue back to Ipoh and we prepare for the MassComm Ball Night.

IMG_0088IMG_0089 IMG_0108 IMG_0112

the full course of meal was good but the dancing part? @@ bee, you say la…..i dont want anymore nightmare…..Picture(68)

*sigh* FINALLY back to the room and we rushed to sleep after removing make up. it was 2am already +_=

we had to go in time for the hotel’s complimetary breakfast before 9.30. 

 Picture(71) Picture(69)

considering it is buffet style and food may be finished off by then and no refill, we then go in at 8+am.

a walk along the sandy beach and buying some souvinier is what we did before packing up to come back here.


the frust continues as the U41 bus does not take passengers AAAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

dont know what’s wrong..i had to take the more expensive way, taking the starline and ktm komuter to reach serdang before meeting the THREE FREAKING same bus that did not stop at the stop before that to take us (yea, there’s a few of us)


i then talked to him about all these things, alot…..=)

and now, left the super exhausted me =_=


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