Thursday, 9 July 2009

done something to my hair…..


sigh…..tho its not the curls that i want, it is still an enjoyable process…..well, its a prestigeous academy wei…..of coz la…..they have cute guy trainees as well…..phewit! =D

they say they cant give me the big soft curls coz thats is done by ‘blowing’ and my package includes perms so i say ok, lets perm but not too much, not too tight. (luckily, if not i dont know how soon i can loose these curls=_=) it was initially super curly-bulky-messy-frizzy i nearly pengsan then i went to the wash room to ‘tidy’ it…..

i can still use my finger to twist that type of curl tho, coz now my hair is curly anyway @@ ooohooohooo…..XD

but then, most people say my ‘naturally straight/ flowy’ hair is very messy even though i dont think so (like, when the weather is cool ?) so at least now permed i can say yes my hair is permed and kinda gave a definite shape @@ sigh…..

but still thanks my darling bee alot coz gave me this last voucher..i knw she wanted it… im planning to give you the treatment voucher =D hehe…..

here’s two days after it:


king said...

Nice hair, very unique o!

Qing Qing said...

haha~~ vivien~ u look cute with ur new hair style..~~

ViViEnNe said...

hehe...i think still not bad la for a change..but i will still rebond it when i have money again..

Qing Qing said...

woo.. good.. i feel like curl my hair also.. >.< but scare nt nice.. later look like auntie den jia lat le.. >.<

ViViEnNe said...

wash after perm lo..haha...teach u bad..