Sunday, 19 July 2009


Monday was at sushi zan mai with darling bee. the fried prawns don was so nice with the sweet sauce^^



her choice: always raw salmon don =p

tuesday was Jogoya day


went on prepared around 6pm but only start going at 8pm as we booked a supper session.

after some lost ways we finally reached JW Marriot Hotel and went up tp Jogoya, which happened to be hottest spot in the whole building =_=

people seen queued outside waiting to be seated, supposingly for the supper session.


we were then led to a room for ourselves (with Jyne and Kylie mocking the new couple in between, haha)

soon we started to bring in foods, alot of photo taking in between.

but sadly few full plates of food wasted…haiz…

luckily we considered ‘touched’ our shark fin soup and a few roasted things, left not much.

we also had alot of sushis, an oyster (first try, not bad =) but should have seen the guide and eat cooked food and soup first =_= )

desserts!!my fav!!

and also abalone, crabs, hot pot, cawanmushi,fried things….

Picture(89) Picture(80) Picture(81) Picture(82) Picture(83) Picture(84) Picture(85)

in my opinion i ate to the price lo, but someone said it was a waste bringing me out for buffet as i eat little…too full made me puke in the end (abit la)

see tze hui and kylie try out their oysters^^:

then it was jyne’s bday , we had dominos and KFC and secret recipe cake. the most captivating would be the fireworks on the cake..haha…thanks to ah toh.


then it was Harry Potter on friday..well…it doesnt give an impact for the story, as usual, a lot of points missed out as in to explain a few important incident..tho i was shocked at the scene where i KNOW there’ll be undeads coming out =_=

kinda blurry..i hope the last can be made better as it’s the most important..better explain eveything la..

Monday is the Tea..should i go??

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