Sunday, 5 July 2009

sudden hyper-happiness =D

3 hours in times square’s SALES shops , and came back with these:


hand bag on 50% discount-RM99.00 to RM49.50

checked halter sundress-RM25 flat price shop(same shop)

beads necklace-RM9.90(same shop)

white formal top-RM29.90

two lace babydoll top-RM10 each flat price shop-RM20

peep toe shoes-RM39.90

pink checked scarf-RM10

and my favourite: MEG CABOT’S PRINCESS DIARIES FINALE-BOOK 10!!!!!!!!!! i chose the cheapest version-RM45.90 (nice cover as well…though have hard cover and pink/silver cover =S)

=D learning to dress…..


Qing Qing said...

wah~ shopping shopping~~~ >.< i want go~~

ViViEnNe said...

im also poor now haha..