Tuesday, 25 November 2008

whoever is in craze with Taiwan (or the infamous celebrities?) and of course, reads Mandarin>>>>>

i found this new site: 妈祖online

it actually introduce to you all about Taiwan and those little little places in every district,

and of course, with a tad bit of gamer feature-----you get to experience those excitement of loosing and gaining 'FaChai' (prosperity) points...

but the most fun+funny part is how they put in words to intro and inform the rules and regulation:

the gamers make it themselves (i mean,submit and be approved and you get YOUR rules published and ENFORCED) =_='''

and it is EVER CHANGING...


well, to explain a lil more: 妈祖(Ma Zu, Mother Goddess) is actually the sea goddess widely praised around the Chinese community of the South East Asia (and that includes Taiwan).

every year, there will be a major event and ceremony of welcoming the sea goddess in places around South East Asia. (well, Malaysia has been practicing that years ago if i'm not mistaken, from a newspapre report.)

there was this legend, where MaZu used her flowing skirt to halt and stop the American atomic bomb hitting Taiwan during WW2 (=_=''') and that she can save children from death...as well as , her responsibility as a sea goddess- saving fishermen and the boats on sea voyage.

it was funny they say that: one should call MaZu when shouting for help on sea instead of TianFei ( Her Highness from Heaven) because when heard the former, Mazu will come immediately without grooming herself while if one shouts the latter, Mazu will have to dress up before coming (=_=''')


well !

ok...i'm gonna 'relax' myself a lil more after the whole sem load of 'knowledge' and jap movie...so i'll try this game and see what i get *wink*

everything else would be ditched for now *blehhh*

oh! just received a power point from my Standard 4 brother =_=''' about himself...heh heh..so high tech so clever can use power point..'got sound and pictures from net somemore huh!'...hahah...hmmm...=*)

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