Tuesday, 25 November 2008

drowned myself in this touching jap movie: Heavenly Forest, 2006

it was about a child-like girl, who fell in love with her classmate despite that she will die because of that---she had an inherited illness, which will worsen and take her life as she grows up and if she fell in love with someone.

they were sharing this little secret forest near their uni and took photography together.

the guy didn't know but fell in love with another girl who was much more sophisticated looking and feminine. the guy even stopped using the medicinal paste to cure his wounds and all because he scared that people will enstrange him for the weird smell.(which actually is just the smell of shampoo, how silly he is =_='')

she stopped taking the medicine (i think it is for anti-growth) just for him (to be more feminine) , and even tried to like the girl the guy favoured. she said : i want to like the person whom the person i like liked.(literally) see? such touching and pure sweet love...

she then lied to him that she needs him to be the model for her photography and he would have to kiss her. she left him after the kiss =(

and...is she dead in the end?

hohoho..find out yourself! it's a good thing for us, isn't it? since we're learning jap =D


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