Saturday, 25 October 2008

in craze of : 32 Windsor Gardens~~~The Paddington Bear!

was ignoring the shouts from the text books and workbooks :"oi! you should be doing revisions now!!!"


because i'm suddenly in the craze for the Paddington Bear (ahem, the one from the darkest Peru...) now, thanks to Guardian pharmacy.

i AM interested in the gifts redemption and things but, i still can't , and don't wanna spend THAT much for those, YET.

so i searched for it in the web, wikipedia and the official site.

there's alot of activities for kids, including door hangers, colorings, games, and different kinds of downloads for your PC.

beary simple cooking for the young ones, paddington's favourite recipe.(erm,of course, marmalade, scones and hot cross bun...and here goes the song of hot cross bun in my head =_=''' )

and i sent a cheeky post card....hehehe....

*poof* *wink* Create custom animated gifs at!

*another site i 'patroned' then, the totally spies....

WELL!!! who say we can't be kiddy at times for these cute things, huh???

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