Friday, 24 October 2008


tried twisties' new snack made with LURVE (multigrain)...[no artificial coloring,no added preservatives =.='' ]

i just grabbed it when i saw it from seven eleven's shelve...

with cute lovey diagrams on the side


we mill and mash the goodness of wheat,oatsrice,corn and sunflower seeds into perfect wavy chips.

then we just add in the right sprinkle of flavours harvested from exotic locations around the globe.

it's all made with Lurve.
So, tuck into a pack today for a delicious, crispy treat that fits today's lifestyle.

i chose the seaweed nori (than the hot&spicy and french onion)

one of the tastiest things on earth is from the sea. that's right. Great tasting natural seaweed flakes have been added on our chips. just one bite and you'll agree that Lurve conquers all.

[i love this last part...lurve conquers all...hahah...]

and the verdict?~~~

like the multi-grain texture and its crispy-ness...
but the taste is normal...

so its just the grain that makes it special...haha...but a good try^^

*another 'grain-y' snack is chacho's, which is also nice~~~

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