Saturday, 3 September 2011

The Challenge-part 4

ah..finally! after makeup, it’s time to clean it..nicely and gently..


oh how i HATE removing makeup ..

dont you??


and choosing the right makeup remover is so important, or it’ll kill our skin! (also can use vaseline and baby know..)


and talk about waterproof makeup!! goodness!! if it was lousy then yea it will come off easily..WITH SMUDGES..

but if it is that Maybeline LONG EXTREME STILETTO Waterproof Mascara, then i need a strong BUT gentle agent to clean my face of makeup..



now, Biore has this makeup remover / cleansing oil in cotton..


and there’s even the convenient pack to be put in the bag! 

so i tried it the other day, and it has no sticky oily feelings on the skin but just, cleaned!


(notice the difference on the eyes~)



so when i need to remove makeup,i’ll just pop it open, and pull one out, start cleaning, and say hello to clean fresh skin.


have you got yours?? =D


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