Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Challenge-part 2

remember the part 1 of my challenge?
i even lined my eyes with Maybeline HyperSharp liner to amplify the effects..

im not a liner person when it comes to eye makeup, fear of making mistakes and putting horrible lines on my eyes..
but with Maybeline HYPERSHARP LINER, the tip is fine and fixed, which is superb for ‘beginners’ like me..
tho i didnt draw the dramatic decor at the corners of the eyes, but it is good enough for me to line the eyes thinly..which my friend said will amplify the effects you hoped the eyes gave..

for ‘advanced’ users, Maybeline also has EyeStudio LASTING DRAMA GEL EYELINER
which comes with a brush..(itching to try this now..0_0) *ponder*

here i’ll share this video by Michelle Phan or Ricebunny with you:



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