Saturday, 27 August 2011

Bad Influence! Don’t read!

and if you’ve clicked to read, that means you’re voluntarily accepting this bad influence =.=” (


so this is 80% of what i got myself into today..

adding new members to the wardrobe..=.=”



a pair of flat for casual and peep toe pump for work/functions etc..

shoes broken and that’s not an excuse! i even bought only the cheap ones!




two-way dress i guess..yes or no? (RM25)




OMG i LOVE this polka dot dress MAX!! it’s for casual outings and look at the details at the back..woots! =p




another one for casual outing..romper! finally! (note: not the full image as my hair is ..erm..not right for this..)




OMG OMG love this pair too!! note the details of the’s also a skirt-short!




of course! not forgetting the work attire..time to stock up..*sigh*..tak kan i wear the same clothes so frequently, right? dont know why but it’s just so much obvious on girls..#girlsneverendingwoes



OH! OH! i bought the hair curler too! (finally!)

my previous post on the hair curler *click*



well, i’ll let you know how it works once i’ve tried it..



there..the 100%..=_=”


the Parade is totally my clothes&shoes shopping heaven (i mean here!) influenced by the bad influences?? O.0”

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