Friday, 11 March 2011


[delayed and censored for public view =.=””’]


you will know this.

just today Abby asked about the DBKL summons and its link with JPJ/PDRM..(no,she’s not the one getting summons)

most people dont pay the Majilis Bandaraya/Dewan Bandaraya’s summons deeming it wont do any harm to their drives. (JPJ and PDRM is the one issuing the road tax and insurance and stuff.hence that.)

and, again, after my previous post on how inconsiderate some people can be , i saw it again.

the comments there stated some of their friends have as much summons as a dictionary’s thickness..

and you wonder why the ignorant and arrogant people are still outside making people’s lives miserable. proof?check the infamous tweet rage about double/triple/multiple park-ers.

and as i said,you better pay it,or ‘the above’ will take it from you,double or more of it. doesnt matter discount or not.

in another case,i was well ‘humoured’ by some articles in today’s main stream chinese talks about the summon-scenario that has just,well,ended,i hope..along with all other traffic tales like bribing officers and etc. (and NO,i did not do that,i paid my one and only parking summon-for parking without coupons, and i passed my driving test by myself. so thanks dad.=_=)

and also,a recent video circulated in FB-verse about a supposedly ‘deputy director’ of the Malaysia Tourism Board in Taiwan,apparently being charged for molesting a sales girl when he was drunk,and peed in his pants when he was arrested and questioned..

shame to Malaysia ..a deputy director (i supposed?),and on our own tourism board..

enough. i shall have my lunch.

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