Saturday, 12 March 2011


just got back from it.

alright,not that it is a bad movie..i mean, it IS ‘nice’ and worth to watch..hype plot and all..just that it is such a wrong timing..sorry but kinda like big mistake to watch it today..(not complaining about the company!)

1. the date of invasion was  xx August 2011..hello?prophecy? at this time when Japan was hit with triple-disaster?

2. if you know what line my brother is in. *hint*


is it just me or the world is really nearing an end? O.o


still,had really nice 大树脚料粉 (noodles and some sides) this afternoon..and had fun feeding the fishes at the Japanese Garden..=p which used up two loaves of bread..=)


which reminds me of the安记 芽菜鸡  Onn Kee bean sprout and chicken ,yums~! ^_^ 

food @ Ipoh is still the best ..haha..

annnnnd, they are cheap! =o



ok i know, crap post.

so , bye.

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