Tuesday, 8 February 2011

THE CNY 2011

pictorial post..

once again im blogging when im in this sleepy state..*stare*(dont ask!)

actually just came back from hours of  ‘kan cheong-ness + bliss’ in a meet up =_____=”

oh but i did met my former F6 classmate along the way! hah! i still remember the favourite punch line! XD

so anyway,

here are my ‘siblings’, and we all learnt the same arts and grew up together in this neighbourhood where we were made compulsory to perform in almost all of the festive gatherings =p




here’s the reunion dinner..

179346_10150097103842841_703762840_5964968_1302427_n 169012_10150097103817841_703762840_5964967_7067380_n


oh and here, such a young model/camera candy =_=



the lion dance on the second day..


and the cute baby who is so easy to care for..



(and my primary school’s gathering summarised in this video. )

and my Sixth Formers!!  <3



unlike previous years when i snaps most of the cny moments..this year im so lazy i decided to steal pictures from my brother’s and my friend’s album =p


anyway, baked today for a secret project..and i succeeded!! (i know,i announced it to the whole world in FB already,paiseh =_=” )

and the BEST news is,i broke the hand mixer making it..=_____=x


ah bed is calling for the hundredth time already,

anticipating for the launch of the secret project =p

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