Sunday, 6 February 2011

All the ‘prosperous’ food..

i am sooooo sleepy now i have been sleeping super late these days..went out for gatherings and only come home late at night..and i think my Garnier Eyes Roll-on wouldnt help either..and i might need some kill-pimples stuff =x

oh and some Dequadin pastilles..


and one of the many ‘guilt’s , no wait, should be the ONLY guilt, is,

the ‘prosperous’ food..(knowing how some says ‘FATT is bliss’ / ‘fat is bliss’ =__=)

okay i know,stupid pun. =_____= im just too sleepy..

just did household chores to burn off the calories!! (yea my ‘secret weapon’ lor..=_=)


been soooo great catching up with friends!! had so much laughter talking about the silly old time stuff..

which,reminds me,im not young anymore T__T

and so many are getting married or are married!! *horror*

so next year we might see some bringing babies =o


anyway,forced my friend to do this: video .

ROFL!! XD this is to those guilty individuals who didnt attend the gathering! =p


ah right,so now more stuff to settle ..and..anticipating tomorrow! ;)

happy chinese new year again!!


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