Friday, 17 September 2010

Secret code of love <3 爱的暗号

[not so sweet after all, a mind-disturbing post]


between true lovers, puppy-lovers,secret lovers,husbands and wives, third-party idiots and different types of couples..

each has some kind of secret code of love..

it could be the common Terms of Endearment or actions or any special figures..anything special for the two..

the point is, these secret codes of love, they do not only exist as a physical consolation, but much of a deeper sense of belonging..belonging to the person..

for an example, when the basterd is busy with work or, in some worse cases, busy with the biatch on the other side, you will still somehow feel contented and all calm from the fire of frustration just now when he just simply calls your secret nick or does something which is your secret code of love, like, suddenly turn around and have a quick sniff of your unique scent..

(well if the basterd is doing this when he is with the biatch then, well, FYL. you never know, dont you?)


ah, so that’s all for today’s mind-disturbing post.

excuse me.

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