Sunday, 19 September 2010

Oh Sushi! =D

Siblings came back so we went out to dine with Bro’s sponsorship LOL!

and Bro suggested Oh Sushi coz it was cheap and fresh and stuff like that..and i totally have no qualms about Bro being so excellent in maintaining things like ordering dish and entertaining  us, his nonsensical baby sisters LOL!

of course alot of camwhore sessions in between..

P180910_12.58 P180910_12.57

(my skin looks so patchy..*sigh* i know..time for masks =_= )



like, posing with the landscapes..LOL..


   P180910_13.33 P1040792  P1040826



and in the restaurant..hehe..


siblings! ^^






okay, this one, we were actually acting like we’re so amazed by the moving octopus’ tentacles on the tepan =.=”



with Agnes who came back from Taiwan..



part of the food we ordered..yum!^^


out of the four of us, only Bro and i have the courage to take raw sashimi styled tuna, salmon, and the salmon roe..argh!! i want more!!

Bro and i actually even wanted to order the sea urchin  , oysters (YUM!!) and exotic stuff like that but, considering only two of use eating raw stuff and the sea urchin was actually that expensive..we ceased the plan..=p see? im such a considerate sister LOL!

but we did enjoy the enough sashimi we had ..heeee..

but i also learnt that i tak boleh tahan Natto..x_x very stinky to me..urgh..



p/s: oh and i tried a new trick on my eyes..hehe gave my eyes quite some nice effect..=p guess what is it?? (no, other than fake  lashes..LOL!)

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