Saturday, 11 September 2010

Sad Case

read this.

*sigh* may she RIP..

[pre-reading linguistic note: the pronoun 'you' to be referred to individuals in general public]

19 years old..

say..what were you doing when you were 19 years old? Form 6?College? Started dating? or have started dating even earlier?

or you’ve started thinking about financing your car, house and stuff?jobs?salary?

you know when people tell you not to do dangerous stuff and all?

and you never listen. (i bet?)

i was ‘young’ or at that age too..and of course, like many others, i made mistakes that the youngsters tend to make.

but, luckily, i have Him in my mind, and i followed His instructions and, it wasnt that bad. (or so i thought) i can really felt He protected me in every way He could.

and at age 24 now, i can say, whatever they told you (except those very irrational or illogical or blah and you know what i mean), it has got to have some reasons behind it.

these, i say, you will never learn until you faced ’em.or you yourself have grew out of it. (like silly games and actions,or decisions) but some, have not even have the chance to learn it after facing it. life, is as such. as fragile. as one way as it could be.

and, dont talk about caring or love for others when you cant even take good care of yourself or not even sure of what you are doing or what your plan is.

when you started taking all these responsibilities, that is when you have grown up one step.

‘thinking’ or ‘assuming’ that you’re mature is just nonsense, ok? heck,what do you know about it?

i still remember at 19 (yes, the 19) i was hit by a motorcycle crossing the four-lanes one way road in front of the school to go to the shopping mall opposite to get something for a short while.

the Kancil blocked my view of the motorcycle which was coming through and soon enough, i got a ‘hit’. i ‘flipped’ a few round ,before it came to an end a few metres after that.

as lucky as i was, news spread, people gathered around me giving first aid. soon i was in the ambulance.

stomach was hit but no internal bleeding. but i couldnt even stand properly as my ankle was sprained. and i was dizzy due to the low blood pressure from the hit. and my arms and legs were bleeding with ugly looking fresh wounds.

and that day, was the day of my maternal grandpa’s funeral. =_= which i should have just go home soon after getting the stationery.

i lost something (hurt), but i’ve also gained something that day.

yea, so now you still think you’re that fabulous?

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