Tuesday, 28 September 2010

My Dream Night In,babe.. *wink*

ahhhh..coz the weather for these two nights just prompt me to write so..i dont need to have a night out..a night in would do now..=p

My Dream Night In would include:

1. cozy seats for me to stretch out my legs and lay my back, and in this case, a bed is totally not a problem. =p environment preferably to be clean and neat for max enjoyment without irritants.

2.either DVD/TV/Lappie will work as long as it has something that i like inside. ;p

3.if it’s dinner, i would like some raw stuff sushi/Domino’s/best chips with Ramly/McD burgers. =D (preferably which i dont need to wash up later)

4.a big blanket/squashy pillows/huggables to snuggle in/shield from coldness, preferably PINK LOL..aw i miss my pink blanket and bed in cheras T_T

5.why did i say coldness, coz i would also love drizzling rain outside as long as it’s not thunderstorm XD

nah that’s why you&i stay in instead,no?

6. of course in comfy shorts and t-shirt ^^

7.having the fact that i dont need to wake up early tomorrow! oh this is important!

8.knowing the fact that i’d be SAFE staying IN! =p

9.to be able to laugh or cry in My approved level of privacy.

10. and lastly , of course, a good company! *wink*


ahhhh..time to…..do My Dream Night In ;p


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