Wednesday, 29 September 2010

the horrors for all the wrong reasons

try and guess the reason for doing so..highlight fro my answer =p

1. went into hospital…..

to do the medical check up for work =p quite good service tho..urine, x-ray, bla bla..but the doctor was attending the emergency case so it dragged until pretty late =_=

2.ate double portion in dinner just because it has…..

OTAK-OTAK. summore it’s from Johor! its place of birth!  =_= *sigh* since the first time i had it i’m like this..denotes: FAT..shit im so gonna diet AGAIN..EOS

3. gonna go to court tomorrow…..

you got it?not saman,not into any trouble, not suing anybody or anything..but to swear in for my post XD


[oh, did i get you? =D]

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