Saturday, 13 March 2010

vivienne drove!! XD

okay..yea , right..i drove.

not only within my housing area but from jln syed putra til my house in cheras. =o

(okay, isnt that an improvement??)

so it was like this. he got his car and then i have my own car back.

of course i drive to work. but first i have to know how to go.

the initial plan was to wait at my aunt’s house and then he fetch me and show the way, as my driving skill is ‘superb’. (so do not come close to me when you see me on the road, seriously.)

but then he called and said he is going to midvalley so i had to fetch him and i drive.

i was like: ~!@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!Q~

i have no choice.

and yea, i got honked for thrice while switching lane.


told you, when you see me on the road, please, get away from me, as far as you can.

[after work, ms m treated us to SweetChat in Times Square. Thanks ms M!]

then i had to drive back home alone.


i drove up..and got into the wrong branch and headed to jln klang lama. =_= hell. who made the roads in KL so complicated , with specific lanes leading to different places and once you’re wrong you are..well..dead.

[but roads in KL also has ‘backdoors’ for dumb people like me, so] yea i took a u-turn and……..

i was in midvalley. =_=

uh uh, i know how to go home from midvalley , i know that road.

but again, i missed the branch and got to……………….

pasar seni.



this time, i hit myself really hard on the head and forced myself to the correct lane leading to a place called CHERAS and nothing else stupid.


all the way straight, without honking from other the tolls (i honked them! blocking me! –erm sorry maybe i was just nervous..ops)

and i was….


a little too…….


for the touch’n’go screen………………………………….



okay fine.

then i drove all the way straight (yea) and……….

i missed the branch to my home .


*immediately pengsan*



i got into somewhere near jw (kajang, semenyih) and u-turned from the housing area.

i drove back to the correct branch and got home. =_=

so yea,i drove. =D

p/s: seriously! if you see my on the road, get away from me!far far away!

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