Sunday, 7 March 2010

Monkey’s birthday and new tools =D


everybody, say happy belated birthday to Monkey =D

LOL   XD…..





with US…^^ he looked crazily excited while i looked cacat….haiz…




oh, they are *his* game friends, ‘uncle’ and ‘sovia’..


the most talked about ‘couple’..’malaimui’ and ‘ray’..

ivers and his gf..


so we went to this Happy Four Seasons restaurant, there are, obviously, four seasons.

and the bright ivers chose WINTER , out of ALL the FOUR SEASONS…



cold. as. hell .

we ordered chicken chop since we have no idea what to have..nothing that attracts us..

but it was a great opportunity to mingle with them..

that afternoon, he said he is going to wangsa maju to meet up with his game friends..then i thought he would go there by himself since his game friends and i were never ‘connected’.

when i got home after work that day  (and after shopping at midvalley for new makeup tools), he asked me to get dressed quickly as they are coming to fetch us to wangsa maju. =o


i was surprised. but i got ready. and had fun =)

in the winter room =_=’’


anyway, my new makeup tools..

well i consider it worthy coz i used rm130 to buy multiple stuff..not rm130 for a single item =p


i’ve got my new trusty brand’s fake lashes and lash glue *beaming* , brushes for eyes and face, eye lash curler, tinted lip balm(instead of lip stick coz i dont like full colour) , and Maybeline Eye Studio and its AngelFit blush =D



and here’s the outcome..(my eyes bengkak, coz slept late…=.=’’  read: work is insane.)


Captured Videos5 Captured Videos4


sorry, i imitated ICAL. XD but this shows the lashes clearly doesnt it?




hehe sneaked him in.



in the mean time, CONVO ^^ (shoo the fking scripts to mark. EOS. )


but grandpa not coming down..said not good for him to travel and stuff..hmm..=( please take good care of yourself. my vibes protecting you…zzzhhhnnnngggg…..!!!!!  >  .  <


p/s: love the lashes ^^

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