Thursday, 1 October 2009

Dear Diary,


how should i describe the feelings of these few days?

it was excitement on one side, nonetheless..

havoc,clashes on the other side…..

but i see lots of love, especially you, tho it was late.

with the loves, i brace myself towards the hardass obstacles and broke it.

victory. i must tell that to myself.

and now its work. yes. officially a teacher.

frankly, gotta think of some strategies and start reading that classroom management book already.

*thanks anitata, for seeing my tears…..loves. xoxo.

now, back from the one day trip,

im again emo to the max.


i know its so hard for you to recognise someone in your heart. so i shall just silently do/play my part well. stick to my belief. A~


*i actually wanted to blog about me, back in Ipoh. but i guess that later, really too emo to blog about that. =(

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