Monday, 28 September 2009

Weekend with JiaWen

before this, it was friday night. been to the Lame Group’s centre (the gang’s place) to accompany him to study and copy some tutorial answers. one side was crazy over the and another inspecting the theories..(okay, that later)

then, i was bored like hxll once i wake up on saturday morning. he was busy studying all the theories and i was like ~!@#$%^&* dont know what to do staring at the laptop screen =_=

one side i really dont know what i have got to do, another side was that i was nervous as JW is coming over for the weekend.

i never really got to know her other than some MSN conversations. and even before the conversation, she was those popular girls in our school , and you know the drill, so i was like, dont know what to do.  she is my bf’s bff anyway.

i dragged myself to prepare maggi for him before we go out for his last paper.

as i was waiting in the lobby i even took a nap, dont even wanna read the book on my lap. i guess the grumpy period affected me.

anyway, finally it was 4.30. i thought JW is still on the way after ‘lunch’. waited for him to come down and gave a call.

hah, she’s here already with her boy.

we had ‘lunch’ together at station 1 and everybody was going fine, really.

we then head back to home and bath and whatsoever before forcing ourselves to watch one episode of a rather boring drama, coz we really have nothing to do.

but our conversation, chit chatting was FUN i tell you. i never thought we click! =D  gargh!! call me stupid but yea.

and we went for dinner after buying the tickets for midnight movie (yea,that’s like totally niche)

we chat for so so so so so long on many topics. i really appreciate the effort , trying to mingle and friendship approval whatever-you-call-that.

we prep ourselves and slept, leaving JW and Pong some time to pour our their hearts to each other.

the next morning , we all waited for each other, resulting the brunch gone to lunch. ate and came back to the ‘dont-know-what-to-do’ syndrome again. =.=

and you know what they started to do?

they started with chit chatting our old school live, and then to the eerie tales and those hot programmes from Hong Kong. They started watching 怪谈. 0.0

i was like, DAMN. that was so eerie weh…..

AT LAST it was evening and we rest awhile before dinner.

we talked more during the dinner.

(actually i was super-emo already at that time , sorry JW if you see my face gone dull at that moment. the reason being JW is going off to her campus and im gonna miss my hubby alot soon. we’re heading back hometown tomorrow. =(  )

so anyway, her boy came and picked her up. and i packed my things.


damn those eerie programmes…..i started reciting mantras again. =_=


*nice having you over, JW!! =) you can always come over if you’re scared and alone over there. you know we’re always here for you.

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