Wednesday, 9 September 2009

what day is it?emo day?

090909… auspicious day for the chinese as it symbolises eternity- chang chang jiu jiu…..


she said:

and i’ve been so emo i tell you…..i guess there’s still alot that i dont know or dont understand in a relationship even after these years…..

i dont know what i should do…..maybe, i dont know how to make myself happy…..maybe, i dont know how to make you happy even i tried and even, (stupidly) read so much…..

something simple for me could be something like a big big step for you. and i wonder why.

i gave you and sacrifice everything i have, and you still holding on to that bit…..why?

i think it shows the recognition status of me in your heart…..

fine. i get it.

now, i dont know where my prayers gone or the future prayers should go.

i think i can still count on myself. yea.


i said:



anyway, got on the bus today and half way, sarah messages and says the meeting has just been canceled, i was like…..(you wont wanna hear it)…..then i said haiz..ok la…..and had to got off in the high way =.=

cost me a meal for the trip…..haiz…..

then, reached home and ate noodles with hubby and packed some snacks along the way and got home.


all i need now, is rest and study and nothing else. you please dont kacau already. i’ve had enough of you i better live on myself. and you, get away from us, far far away.


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