Thursday, 24 September 2009

A very complicated day…..and the story of new-found ah long.

yup, a very complicated day =_=

first up, i was still headache-ing about the binding and all.

that day, finally the shop was open and i was hoping it will get bound soon enough.

then, it just got me so so upset as they dont have the printing ‘plate’ (or mould kinda thing) for the logo




i feel so so so unfair why those in FAM need not to get the logo on it?!


i asked people to fetch me out coz travelling in bus will get me to nowhere in a short time. and NO. nobody want to fetch me. not even my aunt. which got me abit pissed and sad, actually.

if i can drive out (and my super old second hand car is able to do that, with me having limited money for petrol as well) i could have done it on my own and needless to ask for help. not that i dont know the way to PJ.

and that fella played mahjong til freaking 8in the morning im gonna start the adjustment (again) in him. BAD wei!!

so he was sleeping and i dont wanna wake him up.

so FINE.

got on the bus and asked him to come fetch me afterwards, me being so moody and depressed already when actually i wanted him to fetch me all along.

i wiped my tears and settled everything.

finally. but i cant go back on saturday already, i can only have the bound version on saturday itself. counting the opening of the ever-lazy-and-grumpy uni office. so monday it is.

i told him bout that and he said no prob (since he wanted to hang out awhile, just that i wanted to go home as early as possible due to work restriction (probable) and whatsoever that i cant think of at this moment).

reached home, i heat up the soup and cook rice. luckily i have that in hand, if not, the baby will groan,being hungry again.


fed ourselves and he suggested going for movie. i was like: im so tight on budget already and you suggested going for movie when we can stream online?

he said he belanja/borrow or whatever.

we walked around after buying tickets and chit chatting along.

it was actually very sweet for him, fetching me to  movie after a long time.

we watched ‘where got ghost’  and it was indeed ‘scared til laugh’ –the literal translation of its mandarin title.


then we filled the water and bought supper ..chee cheong fun and Anglia shandy, the preferred brand.

again, yum yum…..very sweet…..^^

watching that fella sleeping next to me now…..priceless…..


*okay, i still hate it when he played til so late. both because of bad biological clock functions (melantonin /serotonin wise as well) and the fact that im sleeping along ..nuff…..

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