Thursday, 3 September 2009

silly nightmare

i dont know whether i should laugh or get freaked out or what…..


i practically bumped into that two in our dorm-alike living space…..caught them and pinned that creature down and taught the creature a lesson….. =0 it was like, so enpowered !!

that’s why i felt some sort of relieve…..(i forgot what i scold tho =p )its like the creature has somehow accepted the fact and everything settled…..(HAHAHAHAHA!!)

and i still remember i saw the lame gang having some kind of discussion outside on the balcony =_=’’’’’

and i hid with tze hui in a laundry basket =_=’’’’’ dont know for what..

and somehow i asked somebody to watch him out for me =0 (dont really remember who, tho, a hunky guy)

i do remember that place is sort of peach coloured =.=

when i woke up i was like, WOW…..=0

i said it as 'a nightmare' coz i did not intend on meeting that creature , but i DO wanna stalk that creature for a day =p crazy me. coz i wanna pin that creature down and teach her a lesson, just like in dream.

well, hope its just a dream. yea its just a dream. c'mon, law of attraction.....

yea, karma, and scrxw you ,you xxxx!

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