Friday, 4 September 2009

Decision made



sony MP3 (expert quality!)


-blackberry storm, windows live one-stop package and IE8 + windows. (does good enough things for me!)

Adobe package.

Google (normal)



Apple- (strict sharing and licensing limitations although its cool, and the operating system is just , not me.)

-Mac, iPhone, iPod and etc.

Google chrome. (pointless)

Hyper-mini Laptops.(useless to me, a PDA phone is good enough for me. i get headache if i watch on the go as well. im busy with things when im out doing what i was supposed to do and im not net-addicted anyway.)


argh! the ongoing argument on Apple and Microsoft.

yes i agree people who uses them are different and whatsoever. coz people  created it for the like-minded.

call me un-cool, i’ve made my choice.

they are now all in packages. everything is in packages. they want to have something in everything =_=’’’’’


and i just pick what suits me. nuff said.

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