Thursday, 17 September 2009


ok, not that im really furious coz : i’ve finished, yes, finished all my papers and whatsoever (except that FYP, just 1 last step).

so literally, i’m liberated from my academic life. but i guess i will delve into it soon in a different phase. cool?

the travelling are really taking a toll on me @@ gonna print the FYP, meet the principal and redemption (if possible, but not that possible =_=’’ ) , all in one day. *gargh!*

so so cant wait to go home, but have to wait for him *pout*



that night, pek yoke sent me this.

okay. those who’re vulnerable to manglish or rude words, please take a step back. seriously. if you cant tolerate or you’re already not in a good mood then dont blame me if you continue to read this post. but come back for the next post. *ahem*






the post was about the Chinese girls, yes, you got me , girlS ,

all of whom , was being raped while travelling in a trans-province/state train in China.

the worst and cruelest part is: no one, i repeat,

NO ONE!! not a damn one person, be it guy or girl, took the obvious and BIG opportunity to report to police when the train stopped at various stations. wait, you dont have a phone ar? fine. escape to alert the police when can la!  dont know how to take evidence ar? dont have camera phone or some brain meh? WTF you stupid people!! if you really cant save them , FINE. but you didnt even do it when you CAN. that! is in-excusable!! totally!!

call it corrupted or whatsoever, but shouldnt you at least do your part? WTF man! i tell you lor you sure kena karma one lor!!

you might be thinking, why this idiot kept shouting like nobody’s business? its hidden and maybe they didnt realise.

damn. i tell you, the monsters, dont know how they hold the power of authority in the train, just separate the guys and girls, and then just did it. imagine a bf saw his gf being ruined into pieces. or a brother witnessing his sis being tortured in an inhumane way. and the most stupid part was, the operator didnt even CARE. damn it!! the monsters were stupid you could have helped them!!

no brain-er-s!! >.<!!!!!






tho at the very , very, last, moment, after all the damage has been done, that one silly ..ok, man, decided to do the right thing at the ..last stop, i guess.

couldnt blame those weak girls lor, tho they should have come up with something to bring those monsters down.

and the group in that coach is kinda threatened or so.

but then!! those in other coaches could have done something!! just like when an idiot (who , in the end, didnt do anything) told the operator about it!

WHATEVER!! karma!! those monsters shall be condemned into the 18th floor of HELL and never be revived , of any  possibilities.

*according to ‘the journey to the west’, the 1 8th floor of HELL consist of cells that, out of every kind of tortures,

makes the deserving souls experience the most heartbreaking scenes (to them), everyday, six times a day. imagine that. ya lor, deserving lor hor?


actually, watching ‘journey to the west’ has got me thinking. those in the train didnt not , ok , dare, to do anything because they were scared. they didnt not think carefully or see carefully for the wide open chances they could have taken, as well as the victims. oh, including those, what, monsters hor?


because they dont have the wisdom. the Great Wisdom. and that, is why Xuan Zang in the ‘journey to the west’ had to go through all the tragedies to reach the west (Modern India) to obtain the great teachings of Buddha for the people (in the world, duh)




okay. i might be lack of wisdom too as i rant aloud here. i’m an angel, IN TRAINING, aint i?


restrain girl, restrain…..


~end la~

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king said...

*pat pat*
Ying & Yang, got good got bad, we can only minimize this kind of act in this world.
Just hope that the Chinese authority will implement some measure to curb this.