Monday, 7 September 2009

Fun snacks, quirky slogan XD

went grocery pak tor with hubby at jusco that day and i found these.

here’s some quirky slogan i found on this snack series from Taiwan-Zhang Jun Ya Xiao Mei Mei (lil miss zhang jun ya, it means)

*  hah! i kinda love their products more, like japanese’s…..there’s dont know how many products i love from them…..*mental note: go super shopping at 100Yen and times square when i have my money back! =p


ok , back to the point, look, this is how they want us not to pull and crash the noodle snacks like mamee:




translated: be kind when searching for the card.




if my face been pulled, it’ll be so ugly when i grow up!




i’ll tell my mum if you still pull my face…..




and here’s another series from the same brand/character:


it’s in sequential numbering, 1 to 5, and each will have some message.

for example, from what i remember, the 5th pack says: please buy me, please!

the 3rd pack says: left only 3 packs, will be gone soon…!

and the 1st pack on the top most says: what?! left only 1 pack?! buy now!!what are you waiting for?

=.+  oh my… about advertising…..

oh ya! they have a blog summore! now it kinda make me thinking of adding a new platform in wretch =D  they have cute designs!! and then i might start like, directing you all to different platforms =.=’’’’’

ok dream on…..


and here’s the new japanese cuisine flavoured potato chips from jack n Jill.

it works just like those shake shake fries we had in McD. =p



gonna go much on my honey stars and study. hoik! ganbate!!


*tho the grievances,i’ll stand strong, and you can never hurt me!! –me, ages ago and still using it now.


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