Wednesday, 2 September 2009

1st Sept – part 2

haha..babes, you all are so cute..hehe..thanks alot !! all your wishes warmed my heart =)


as I’ve told somebody, having birthday (almost) clashed with the hungry ghost festival is…..=_= *sigh*

i know my ex can clearly remember when i called him about that..=.=

somebody’s control is so low and i got scolded for trying to make just 1 harmless statement..=_=

i cried to sleep, and half way blasted with heartwarming messages..complicated huh..

*darlings, tak kan i show u all sad face when u wish right?hahaha…..but thanksssss!!!!! ^3^


woke up, do the usual things bla bla more wishes..happy^^ tho no celebration..

i hold on til around 5pm then went off to 1U for the premiere, only to reach around 7+pm..

so we chose to eat nearby since i have to wait for the special ticket booth to open..

ate nice things with cakes, then only got KK’s call for cake..thanks anyway!^^

so we went in for the movie..

in the movie, to me, is all: die , die, die. =_=’’’’’

but quite a plot =0

will blog that later when i get the kit =)


again, thanks peeps!! =)

*no pics, memories stored in heart. <3

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