Monday, 3 August 2009

vivienne is…..[what’s on your mind?]


what’s on my mind?


i’ve decided to abandon twitter and judged that facebook and blogs are enough for me. even my friendster is collecting dust. =_=

and suddenly i’m all gluttony (but not yet eat, coz abang aku is still on his game >_< )

and homesick. =( x 100000000000000000000000

i want mommy’s food. i want homecooked food.

=( x10000000000000000000 again

still, we went for late dinner last night.


see his hands, haiyo manners. =_=

anyway, it was nice going out with them. we had jawa mee and they had duck noodles, which was pretty good according to them and they regularly buy from the uncle.

we also shared the squid and kangkung, but not the satay sauce type. 0.O

the whole feeling was so good like a short vacation (seriously!)

1. coz it was like after a whole day working out own things together with the gang, i was wearing this short short and my body-glove T, we went to Mahkota Cheras to eat.

2. the eateries there were much more ‘happening’ than here in SL, counting the population. everywhere you see its full of people.

3. and WE were holding hands leisurely walking around in the happening place at night 0.O

and what i meant seriously is also that its fun being out there working on our own assignments and all together, and occasionally play pranks on others or have a sip of MILO. if i have the chance with you guys (my groupmates)…..

i sound like i very, yea, very, seldom go out or hang out (yup and i mean it) and desperate for these 0.O

and now, yea, back to my cravings…..gluttony, homesick…..

i want nice food, mommy’s food…..

=( x100000000000000000000000

that fella is STILL on his game coz today there are new items released =_=’’’’’


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