Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I’m Addicted to Olay Game =D

yeap, i just came back from PARIS!! sposored by OLAY Natural White!=D

see, i got myself a map of PARIS for my trip.


i packed my luggage, a pair of shade and a hat, light clothing for travel,map, MP3,scrap book, and of course, OLAY Natural White =)


i got my special pass from OLAY before boarding, yipee!!


picked some matches from clothes matching programme, ohoohoo…..


of course, a trip never complete without scrap book for memories, what is vacation =D


as well as OLAY Natural White to protect my skin from pollutants and UV >.< yes i’m vain but i also want to look healthy =O


so i’ve been to La Promenate shopping mall


Quatre Saison public park


Le s’ Amuse


the giant supermarket of Vivant


all these wouldnt have complete without the Metro


and the famous La Rose Balanche restaurant!



hahahahahahahh!!!!!!!!!!! actually its all the new OLAY online game ( a few mini games) which is also promoted by Nuffnang’s female employees, so to say.

the reason for this is the amazing prizes which includes iPhone!! (eeekkkk!!!!! me want!!!!!)

how to win?play and do your best to get highest score.

here's my score *ahem* click to enlarge

hmph! you go and try beat my score! >.<

i tag:






see this hilarious email:

Dear Nuffnangers,

Please DO NOT get addicted to the

Olay Online Game like our female colleagues in the Nuffnang office. They have been playing the Olay Online Game every day during lunch time till the fact that they skipped their meals!! In fact, we think that the game has started to consume their minds- you can hear them typing, talking and day- dreaming about the triple vitamins only. Though we understand that the prizes they can win are very lucrative (iPhone 3G, Sony Cyber Shot Camera, Olay Whitening Products & Cash Prizes), but they have to at least eat something!
Please tell our colleagues to eat during lunch hours

P.S. They can still play the game after taking their lunch.

The male employees of Nuffnang

so , go click and experience it yourself^^


Jean said...

great post...
mine is just a simple one..lol

ViViEnNe said...

=) fun isnt it?almost addicted haha...

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

If you are participating Nuffnang's Olay Blogging Contest. Makesure you reach the requirement~

1. Play the online game here and take a final screenshot of your score.
2. Write a blog post titled “I’m Addicted to Olay Game” and post the screenshot in the blog post.
3. Tag 5 of your friends in the post and challenge them to beat your score.
4. Send in an email to findfairness@nuffnang.com with the permalink of your blog post.

ViViEnNe said...

oh, thnx for the info! =)