Monday, 17 August 2009

have you bought yours?

i was browsing when i came across this:

duty of a child

although its an advert, it truly show us the importance of having everything, yea, including your life, insured.

i said:

“ya, my mum actually forced me to buy a health and accident insurance (as well as for my current illness) when i started working for my gap year at 19. i didnt really get the point of having insurance other than saving up ,now i know its some sort of back up for us when we really have something happen. of course, we have to be careful with the policy written, and must be really clear what it covers. i had prudential too. im glad my mum have the knowledge and mind to teach us(my siblings) these social knowledge =)”


at this point, you might come up with all sorts of facts that says insurance cheat or whatsoever, but at least you know you have something to back you up (even though abit) when something hits, as long as you’re clear with the policy and what it covers and insured amount bla bla bla.


secretly, i actually have the same view with my friend that we wont bother to get treatment when we have terminal illnesses. coz we know it would cost way more than a bomb and you’ll die eventually, instead off R.I.P in your own ‘comfort’.

*yea, do ask Leftenan Muda Choo (my brother la…..)  how much does a bomb cost.


plus, you wouldnt wanna burden your family at the time, thats too much. for me it is.

luckily my mum have it all covered (muacks!) she is a government servant, my dad was as well. so the mini mini thing can be done at minimum cost (most of the time none) in government hospital.

thanks to my mum for teaching us these social knowledge (and social responsibility), so i know how to teach my *future children* .

(i thank her for bringing me up to resist bad temptations and independent –oh well, i had my pre-birth teachings practically in primary school ,didnt i? hah! that’s why im weird and geeky!)

seriously, she even learnt all about Public Mutual Fund at this age of near retirement!

ok, my dad as well, semi-expert in 4D (no kidding, kick-me-blur probability, kill-me-please geometry and trigonometry, as well as whack-me-up index and logarythm) i say, seriously.


side track about advert: kenny sia replied a reader and said:

“Singapore Guy, I have always been frank if I have been compensated for the certain entries that I write. I label them with "ADV" on my blog title, and it's perfectly okay if you decide to skip those entries and wait for my next update without "ADV" in the title. This is like having a commercial break between your TV shows, but the advantage is that you know when it's coming and you can skip through it if you prefer.

Also, please understand that I have turned down many lucrative offers when I find the subject matter irrelevant to my readers, or if I don't know how else to make it informative or interesting to my readers. Only the good ones that make the cut make it to this page. So although there is a commercial motivation behind the post, it doesn't mean I simply write without any forethought. So I do hope you get something out of it. :)”

agree. =D



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