Friday, 1 May 2009

from amy’s blog~~~~~

linking this from amy’s coz i found this in my mail as well but she can tell better =p thanks amy!

“When you received a call from a man, he said “Let me talk to your mother.” and you had no idea what’s going on and you’ve heard a girl yelling for help as the background voice. Your mother then talked to him and he told her “I’ve got your daughter.” and funny thing was the daughter was all the while at home, safe and sound. Your mother kept on talking and asking what does he want. He said “I want five thousand ringgit.” The negotiation went on, she’s trying to get more information but to no avail. It’s totally a nuisance. As the receiver of the call, you’re safe at home. As the person said to be kidnapped is also safe at home. As the mother, you’d wonder “my daughter is safe at home, you must have been dialed the wrong number.”

The question is, is this a prank or is this real?

It’s a scam. Double/triple check with neighbours, police officers, authorities, anybody. Stay steady and just don’t fall into the trap. “

so please, be careful and smart,okay??

pray pray…..i just sent it to my parents as well…..

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