Friday, 1 May 2009


my blog is getting more boring as the climax of FYP approach…..==’’’

it’s labour day…..

first of all,(so cliche ==’’’) thanks dar for the spaghetti, and sarah for the chang =)

happy birthday to pong,yeelin and yunyi ^^

and i’m sitting right here with my annoyed stomach,feeling going to vomit…..

i dont know why…..maybe i lied down on my stomach  for too long…..

actually woke up at 5 from the alarm, then slept back after starting the drama loading…..

no paper today, so slept til 10……

did my every routine, and watched drama with lunch…..totally didnt wanna read or continue since feature paper.

and suddenly, felt so bored. yea. hence this post.

wanted to go shopping and movie but dont wanna use up the money, plus its recession time.

wanted to accept my ex’s offer at the curve (note: fully paid by him),but didnt coz he dont want me to go.


and then that bxxxh appeared in my mind, talk about anger and hatred.

i wonder, why.

i so wanted to stalk it (yea,crazy huh?)so that i can effectively showdown…..and things…..

yea know, i can be kinda crazily smart,emphasis on the crazy part. note that. Not the smart part. im not smart.i guess. ==’’’

damn. what am i doing.

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