Friday, 9 January 2009

the Loyalty issue…

i have Friendster,

coz my high school friends there…


i have Facebook,

coz my bigger circle of friends are there too…

i have friendster blog,

coz that was what available free then to me…


i have blogspot,

coz it is way more flexible in manipulation than other layout…

and NOW,

so many other services evolved or started,

all displaying the shout out of having the one-stop convenience of posting/connecting online…

one of them is WindowsLive…


check your mail, you profile,etc etc on its HOME,


yes,the WindowsLive WRITER, allowing you to post to several blogs at a short time gap,


the latest version of WindowsLive MESSENGER, with skins that previously only available to Vista users,


the WindowsLive MAIL that looks like Microsoft Outlook,


the superb calendar that i kinda love,

NOW you have those supposed online things on your Desktop,

tell me, what am i supposed to do now?huh?

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