Thursday, 18 December 2008

december days~~

I think I’ve abandoned my blog long enough eh? I’ve ‘accumulated’ a number of pictures =D

Oh by the way, my laptop has recently been declared KO by the ‘professionals’ =_=’’’ why? Because kena lightning lah… *BIG SIGH*…so now have to depend on the USB adaptor

---which is so lucky of me to have found it, we got it last time initially for the super old lappy, if not, I think mum would nag a whole day for having to fork out the money x( or for new lappy (oh hey, THAT, I don’t mind get nagged first =p) oh sheesh…

I plugged the adaptor in and waited for any response…and it blinked!!! ^0^ yyyyeeessss!!! You’re alive my dearie connection!!!

And you know, SOME OTHER THING has been cleared, so its like, added to my happy-o-meter and its like, feel better =D

I should be able to strike the two birds now---FYP and RCM…

Okok…so about the pictures, it has been in my phone for almost a week I think? Enough to grow mould :$


Let’s see, been to McD with his classmates for midnight ‘study’ before exam…

There, jyne…who is famous for her laughter…HAHAHA…ok don’t kill me please.

:$ hah, you call that a study session…heheheeee…ended up meeting for the G trip…(not G-string, mind you)

And KK’s GF is soooooo like my friend in UK-JingWen =_=’’’ gosh… *he* thinks so too!

But still, silly things do happen, we flipped through the old pictures from hong chuan’s lappy, watching how everyone grows, some horizontally, they say….hahaha…..

And we talked about having needles poked into our body (you know, for drips, blood donation, etc etc, THAT kind of needles, which could be inches long?)
Which left jyne shutting her ears and toh faiting and was going to puke… =p

We left by 1.30am*

Days after when I was shopping in my new found shopping place- 100¥ I bought a falsie…erm… not-me right? =.+ but I tried and its not bad…but haven’t started to use it all properly yet..hehe… hey, blame on my short lashes... =.+

Then *he* and I went out for our 4th anniversary ^_^
enen… watched ‘the day the earth stood still’ and visited the star fish>>>
Kekeke…cute right?

By the way, I found a book which is very very meaningful…erm…IF I do have the chance, I might buy it…. [sheesh, i think i'm subjected to copyright right?woops...]

i don't wanna translate as it wouldn't make much sense without getting INTO the book BUT Well, it generally says that, to be a blissful woman/girl, you have to be as low-down as possible and soft…you have to understand there’s no point to just complain, and it won’t help throwing more criticism… ‘.’ Erm…ok… and it also says that the key is to think at the bright side, ALWAYS, and to clam them down with your softness before proceeding to anything else as it would be worst if you keep pushing at the peak (like if he did anything wrong including throwing tantrum and *ahem* having meals outside) and our point is to make him change willingly and without dropping his ‘face’…

This is the author’s data and conclusion from those happy and blissful girls the author met in the years…erm,you get it?

Okay you know what, then what about us? What about us girls? Don’t you think we NEED those TOO? It would be SO unfair if only us doing THAT… =(

I did try to be good darling…I really did…but…ok la..i’m sorry…

Oh! I met a new friend in LivingCabin>>>

Heheheh….see? do I look a wee bit like it? COI!!! AND PLEASE, IGNORE MY UGLY SHAWL I TOOK WITH FOR MY WARMTH x.x

The next day, its train to home…so we went there early to KLCentral to help JiaWen ask about the flight, as well as to have Ayamas…hehe…very full as we’ve ordered one each for soup and vege beside the main meal x.x

In the train: so cold!!!

It’s actually the new promo from KTMB to shuttle KL-IPOH-KL (thanks rene again!), but the train is so 80s (aka the time I went to KL by train with my family when I was ….?? Don’t know.) @.@

Just got into dad’s car after arrival and saw the saman…aiya….*sigh*

And its good to be home ^^ with my comfy bed although it’s not those with spring..kekeke…

Its yum cha with godmum…had hakka mee…hmm…quite nice compared to the one in Ipoh Garden…
*yawn*……I think I’ve blabbered enough so…ta! ;-)

WAIT!!! *someone* has requested to post his picture here...@.@ ok la...

see? it's actually an outfit in the game named 诸葛孔明 =_=''' i admired his wit and intelligence you know...

by the way its a new game from the famous movie 赤壁... anyone in???

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