Tuesday, 9 December 2008

i actually have a full list of things to do NOW but just lack of ....erm...stamina?

*sigh* woke up early for bee's day as i decided to make rice ball bento of sort for her(you know, the japanese ones?) and gave her the present, ...you like it? =)

and sat for the japanese exam......

ow that, you know what, i got out by 45th min together with Shan...haha...=_='''

*sigh sigh* i have to clear off the garbage, do the laundry, do my FYP which seems lagging behind ALOT, my face which screams 'GET ME TREATED OR GET SOME FACIAL OR I'LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING NICEY!!!', and the list goes on...

OW, and the LIT which shouts 'IT'S TIME FOR ME!!!'........


and i'm just super blurr with some people, when you cough, PUHHLEEEZEE...cover your mouth with your hand! i don't want you saliva! you're not my BF or BFF...>,< xxxx you!

and apparently some people still don't know the thing about queueing up...if you want a suicide for yourself get far away from me! don't pull me down with you!i still have resposibilities to carry!

GGGRRRRrrr!!!!!!!! these people!!!xxxx...what kind of mindset that is?!

oh no, i don't want to get into that ' please DON'T NOT litter' thingy =_=

huhhhh...i'm just a lil fed up today....

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