Wednesday, 31 December 2008

i think i now have FIVE MAJOR ASSIGNMENTS on my hand...hmmm....well,hope everything goes well....

anyway,what i want say was a thief, a thief favoured by most parents, if not all.

guess what this thief does? she (or he) 'steals' something from home and stuff it in the luggage everytime she comes home from afar (studying, working abroad etc.)

the parents never complaint nor scold nor punish whatsoever, but help to stuff even more into the luggage,as long as it can be carried back to where the thief lives.

and the parents even bid the thief in tears...

hey hey, are you one of those thieves? *wink*

when all should be ushering the new year in, i would be packing to go back to KL tomorrow with IreneC (oh yeah, you're 'featured' here again..hahaha...)

p/s: i really really pray for hard...

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