Tuesday, 19 August 2008

WAS alone...

i didn't thought they would come when i was so so so so so alone (and ignored and etc etc)

initially i thought why would my navy brother want to come to KL, then only i found out that my parents are coming to give him the laptop ==''

but still, it is soooooo heartwarming(like...when i was all alone and they came?).....*tears glitter*

i quickly went to central to get him...so excited that i didn't realise the time passing (although it was....an hour?????)

then, we went straight through KTM to Bandar Tasik Selatan to 'be fetched by our uncle'.

we spent the night there.

i had to clean the whoooole house the next day because my dear aunt haven't got her maid yet =='' well.......not to forget washing THREE FULL PAILS of clothes by hands *puke*

but thanks to my cousins (the young ones, who happened to be more energetic and helpful than their elder brother), i managed to get them fill the pails with clean water for rinsing and rinsing and rinsing and rinsing......and they get fun by playing with water ==''

SO, we had dinner together after my parents reached. brother will be going back to the warship the next day morning.

then, we had homecooked lunch at second uncle's house, as well as dinner at SS2 New Paris Restaurant......considered ok lah...^^

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king said...

good! good to knw u r having a good time...

bt stil, i have no idea where's New Paris is -.-"