Thursday, 14 August 2008

non-intended crime xp

since he accused me of not accompanying him(and etc etc), so i decided to accompany him.

well, i thought there was only this one class and we'll go back after class. but it seems that they still have test on 4pm and they're planning to go to pudu to buy tickets and all before that.

so there we go.

mid-way, toh said he didn't bring his wallet coz too troublesome.

then we ask: your ic and lisence leh?

and there came: S**T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so we prayed for not bumping into any offense or 'unfortunate events'........(etc etc)


lesson 1: please please never leave your 'most private and important stuff' (ahem) behind.

as we drive on after letting KK down to buy tickets, we're supposed to take a u-turn somewhere further of pudu there.

but in the end, due to the smart fella (who happened to have his mind on some other thing) pointed the wrong direction and there we go.

as we search for the u-turn, we even came to this taman whatever perdana.

we went in and came out again and drive on towards the u-turn sign....

and when we're soooooooo happy of the seems to be somewhere further ahead. so never mind, we kept driving.

then...i said something: eh, that's parlimen right? i'm not wrong, right?
everybody's eyes was on that familiar building (ya so called familiar)............


i said: er...we can't go in there can we? ahemmmmmm.....

and look clearly: as we have been trying to avoid police in pudu and everywhere since toh didn't bring ic and lisence....


and you know what place is the parlimen....

LUCKILY, there's a u-turn area for us to 'by pass' the police...i think initially for those who were idle and came to parlimen for fun and then chased off by police....(etc etc)

but we finally made it out.

lesson 2: dont litsen to XXX who're direction-blind. (joking la....)

and we're (those at the back) laughing our heads off XD

can you imagine that....

and then, we said we should have simply drop one of our bag to scare them ( know the world...terrorist whatever....)

gasp!!!!chop chop chop!!!!

we're humble and behaved citizens.... =D


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