Monday, 5 May 2008


so Dr Carmen launched the long awaited *love letter-giving ceremony* today after our last paper (...FOR THIS SEM,everyone......yeah,just to remind you we still have a long way to go, i.e. endure....)

*and morph+jr2 are finally out...FINALLY...=_='' but where's AW? i witnessed DrCarmen handed it in!!urgh..lazy office staff...*

right...actually the love letter thingy is what our ever-beloved DrCarmen's say nice things about our fellow classmates/groupmates(great lecturer with a brilliant brain for great ideas+ great skills of delivering lectures...wanna know more?attend her lecture yourself. but she's leaving our uni ...*sigh*)

she handed each of us the love letter, composed from lil notes/tags on us from our classmates.

i smiled as i read it and in the end, my eyes just popped noun[pref[un]verb[believe][able]suf[ity]suf]............... =p

here goes some of it:('coz there's some repetition,obviously).

'you make discussions lively by speaking initiatively.not to forget the use of bombastic words!'
'loves to share opinions,friendly.'
'always will have good points for any discussion'

'friendly and really fast in finishing your homework!'
'i envy your work rate!'
-ahahahah...yeah right...and you know how and why...*smirk*

'you are one of the most hardworking persons i know.'
-ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????i'm soooo not lah....aiyo....

'very hardworking,intelligent,and a good cook!heheheh.'
-who wrote this?me?intelligent?smart?oh you're sooo funny...good cook?hmmm...doubt...nyeheheh...

'super multitasker'-who wrote this?hahahaha...yeah this i never see me too often after class...i disappearrrrr....into the air.*period* guys know what's in my schedule...the below asnwer it quite perfectly:

'obssessed with taking pictures,cooking and the bf.' -HAH.KJ did you write this?only QUITE perfectly, not fully. hehehe...anyway i guess i won't be so tight with official programmes in the uni next sem tho...

'helpful,help anyone who needs her.'
'a helpful person,always keeping everyone in T2 on their toes.'
-DID I?????@@

'like a little girl'
'cute and friendly.'
-ahem,need i say more?like...with the height of 14xcm?ow sweat...

the last one which really surprised me(well,not really...) 'i thought she is a snobbish person before i really know her. but i was wrong, she is a nice person.'- oh yeah i know my face is sooooo cold in unfamiliarlity? aish..what am i talking about..


well it was a pure sweet note (didn't go to the tembak one hm...that's why...all look so sweeeeett...*splash*)

well,i'm just really thankful for all these...=) so sweet of you guys... i felt like crying in campus just now..herher...

haha..gonna pack the things and clean up...going HOME!!!!!^^V

*haha,just so if you're wondering what's this ------->noun[pref[un]verb[believe][able]suf[ity]suf]
it's nested perentheses/labelled bracketting in Morphology, to display the 'disection' of the word to 'morphomic units' or morphemes.

to my EL mates: i can't make the lower case thingy, so...doesn't look like the super-duper thing we saw in class..haha...ops!
and i actually 'coined' or created this noun from 'unbelievable' for the sake of this post,eheheh...crazy...


° Meì Sìm ° said...

i wrote one of those ..HAHA...guess wic 1

ViViEnNe said...

huh..reli dun knw la...