Wednesday, 30 April 2008


We all have been through the rebellious years (erm… right, maybe not everyone?)

And I would declare myself among the most rebellious daughters, sans crimes.

The proof? I would debate with my mum for things that I really can’t stand and that I feel wrong with.

The worst is to debate and accuse it directly on my mum.

Hah. But who would think I would be able to understand why she had been like that now.

We just have to admit that we mightn’t have been through all the life experiences that she’d been through and thus just hold on to whatever mighty theories on our own mind.

She’s neither all correct nor all wrong, but just have her own way that she thought would be the best for us, and whoever she cares, of course.

SO, I think I would take the good ones and identify and eliminate the bad ones, of course.

I’m thinking whether I, as the first child, have inherited the best of both sides? *smirk*


Some says xxx is the best chef, and that the dishes from the chef are the best. But actually the best chef is our own mother.

She fed us with her breast milk since we’re born, and we’ve since been ‘express’ our favouritism to food to her. ‘Urgh, mummy, I want a soft boil egg, not a hard one!* dump the spoon*’

In fact, our mouth is accommodated to her cooking since. That’s why we say what taste best taste like mum’s. Though I occasionally pakat with my dad to cheat on mum and eat out. NOT, my fault.


Huh? Did I write it right?

Psychologist might be the best option when we have some *heart* problem.

But mum knows that when we might just need a large pizza or a bucket of chocolate ice cream. Or, simply a sleep without disturbance.


When the nurses might ‘pfuit’ on us, mum still stay beside us 24/7.

Is that dedicated or what?

Lastly, just be amaze at how mum raised us up. Look at yourself now.

Hah. Gotcha.

~carnation cupcake for mum~so cute and girlie!!!!!

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